Eric Schaefer - Modular Synthesizer, Drums

Uwe Haas - Modular Synthesizer

Joining forces, Eric Schaefer and Uwe Haas on Modular Synthesizer and Drums have developed their distinct style integrating electro-acoustic soundscapes and dub-inspired grooves. Drawing from Schaefer's background as a Jazz drummer and Haas' work as a composer/sound-designer the duo performs live and improvised in order to let sonic territories blossom in a non-preconceived and fresh way. Nevertheless clarity of form and textural architecture remains key in their decade-long collaboration that started off with Haas' project "Feldneun".

Eric Schaefer works with different ensembles of his own and as a sideman. The range of his musical expression is wide and combines influences from Jazz, contemporary music to post-rock, dub and noise. He has written pieces for orchestra, piano-trio and jazz-rock-bands. The use of gongs and small percussion as well as modular synthesis broaden the spectrum of Schaefer's sound-possibilities. Besides touring extensively, his work with Michael Wollny, Joachim Kühn or his own formations The Shredz and Kyoto Mon Amour is documented on numerous albums and is broadcasted in radio-shows and on television.

Uwe Haas has released numerous CDs, realized compositions for silent movies including commissional work for the Czech National Film Archive and produced music for TV films and documentaries, e.g. the Grimme Award nominated documentary "The War in Vietnam" and feature films like "Ghosted" by Monika Treut, for which he also created the sound design. He collaborated amongst others with Tokyo-based composer and media artist Hideaki Takahashi and keyboardist Jörg Hochapfel.



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